Compagnie Be is an art and research company created by Caroline Duval in 2009. Be uses performance art to question the place of sensitivity in the creative process and the effects of art on our society from an early age.



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Creations & Workshops

Be creates multidisciplinary artistic forms offered from an early age in multiple spaces by involving all partners creation processes in the short or long term.

Artistic Research

Writing, meetings, artistic experiments around artistic research from an early age


Sensibilis is an immersion of the artistic process in spaces and establishments of « early childhood » and all types of places of life. The proposed artistic research residencies rely on a network of actors from the art, research, education, scientific and philosophical sectors.

Be sensible

Sensible, in French is sensitive, what does sensible mean to you? In this world that beats (like a heart) and is built (like a body), we believe that everyone has their place (like every vital organ) and holds a part of our future (blood and energy circulation).


We habitually operate in self-abundance, a quality unique to us in contrast to our environment, network and vision. Let’s draw inspiration from the immense universe that encompasses us and be complex, free and infinite, to invent tomorrow. Overcoming our fears, beliefs, doubts by being co-creators, interconnected, thinking about our exchanges in a progressive, participative, playful and aesthetic way. Let us experience a meeting space where our know-how and being are catalyzed and open up new possibilities, using our demands, capacity, creativity to enrich ourselves and return to our life in a more powerful and relevant way.



Cie Be

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