Compagnie Be

Compagnie Be

Compagnie Be is an art and research company created by Caroline Duval in 2009. Be uses performance art to question the place of sensitivity in the creative process and the effects of art on our society from an early age.

Be invites us to take an innovative, alternative and engaging perspective by co-creating with artists, the public, cultural, social and scientific partners. Be’s fresh approach reinvents our territory of life into one of art, citizen and solidarity. Envisioning a structure linking cultural operators and places of life through creation and artistic research.


Caroline Duval is an associate artist at the Forum Jacques Prévert an accredited scene of national interest for art, childhood and youth at Carros-le Neuf until 2024..



Cie Be has received the label of the Ministry of Culture:  Génération Belle saison 2019. and receives support by the DRAC Provence Alpes Côte d´Azur within the framework of our event Sensibilis  




Crédits photo © Eric Clément Demange



_Artistic creation and research are at the centre of all Compagnie Be’s projects at the service of our society

_ Des valeurs humanistes au cœur des projets artistiques



_ Activate, catalyze and reveal the potentials of each one, be a relay of the sensitive and open up innovative artistic dimensions. des dimensions artistiques innovantes.

_ Dare the impossible, remove obstacles by reconnecting with oneself, one’s body,one’s imagination.

_ Trace crossroads and create a synergy of exchange between artists, researchers and the public. (from the places where each person lives)


Ultimately …

_ Create a cellular-organic structure where each one has a place and nourishes the collective creative whirlwind. (questioning the systems of governance, project ownership, knowledge transmission, etc.)


Caroline Duval

Caroline Duval

Founder of Compagny Be
Multidisciplinary artist

Caroline Duval is an actress, singer, composer (3rd cycle in lyrical singing, conservatory of St Laurent and CNRR, Nice) director, author and art therapist mainly in Theater and singing.(University degree in art therapy at the Faculty of Medicine of Tours in collaboration with Afratapem – 2000, Member of the OMNC Observatory of non-conventional medicines (Faculty of Medicine of Nice).


© Johanna Prevet


Valérie Gaucher, creator, president

Marlène Delmas et Catherine Mehu, creators, co-presidents

Caroline Duval, artist, creator of the overall project

Philippe Duval et Stéfanie Duval, creators, production

Nolan Gaspar, in service civique, creator,public outraech

From left to right: Caroline Duval, Stefanie Duval, Philipe Duval, Catherine Mehu, Valérie Gaucher